The World’s Smartest portion-control and nutritional-tracking kitchen scale.

Losing weight and managing diabetes is now easier than ever before.
Smart Diet Scale's superior patented technology makes us the only smart nutritional  scale in the world to weigh their entire meal all at once with its patented four quadrant sensors.

Make sensible meal choices a cinch with this handy smart scale. Whether you're monitoring your portion sizes or tracking calorie content, fat content, carbs and protein to meet nutrition goals, it makes eating smarter easy. Just log into the Smart Diet Scale app to access info on thousands of foods, including grocery and restaurant items. Think of it as an education in eating better.The Smart Diet Scale includes: Smart Diet Scale, 4 portion control plates, Smart Diet Scale app (available on iOS and Android) with over 650,000 food and restaurant choices.

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Diet Scale

Patented revolutionary smart food scale. The power of being able to weigh four items at once, in one connected solution.

The preferred nutritional kitchen scale to dietitians and nutritionists, professional bodybuilders and athletes, and chefs worldwide.

Diet Software

Compatable with iOS 8.0 and above and Android 4.4 and above devices

The Smart Diet Scale software has:

  • One of the worlds largest nutritional food databases
  • Over 650,000 food options
  • 440,000 grocery items with UPC codes
  • 106,000 restaurant items
  • Kept Tracks of your daily, weekly, monthly meals, goals and more!
  • Stores up to six individual users

Our Smart Diet software is invaluable when you consider that dieters who track their food intake are twice as likely to achieve and maintain their weight loss goals. Over 70 million people use nutritional food apps, but without knowing the precise weight of the food being consumed, this information is less accurate. The Smart Diet Scale takes care of that problem. The groundbreaking Smart Diet Scale is simple, fast, and effective.


Food Options


Grocery Items


Restaurants Items

I am really Impress about the scale. Its solid. Four scales in one. I have not seen a better scale than this. Well constructed. It like it would last forever.Its really nice to be able to weight what your going to eat and keep track of each one or all items. The data base allow you to go back and look at each day. Nick has help to understand a few things I wasn't aware of. If you want to lose weight this is the machine to have. Tells you everything you need to know.
- Richard
An unparalleled value in seeing your patterns to support daily management of food choices, eating habits and behaviors
As a Diabetes Nurse Specialist and a person with type 2 diabetes, I love this scale. It's easy to learn, use and provides powerful dietary information for a small effort on my part. People with daily challenges of weight management, diabetes, heart disease and chronic conditions, especially those associated with each decade of aging, will benefit greatly.
- Gerene Schmidt
My helper in loosing weight
I love this product. I want to thank Nick because he's been patient and very helpful with me. I thank Nick for inventing this scale that help me with my diabetes diet,and that help me to be healthy. Thanks for this scale.
- Marta

Weight Loss or Maintenance

You can now measure the daily calorie intake of every single meal in order for you to achieve your goal of losing 2 to 4 pounds a week or maintaining your current healthy weight.

Diabetic Management

Diabetics can now measure the amount sugar and carbs in their meals. Similarly, they can use our database to research the best low glycemic foods.

Athlete or Bodybuilder

Bodybuilders can use the Smart Diet Scale to build muscle and lose fat by measuring the amount of protein and calories in their meals.

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