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Introducing the World's First Patented Smart Food Scale

Our Smart Food Scale is a wireless Bluetooth food scale that is able to calculate the nutritional value of an entire meal all at once.

Scale Features

Diet Software

Compatable with iOS and Android Devices

The Smart Diet Scale software has:

  • One of the worlds largest nutritional food databases
  • Over 315,000 food options
  • 210,000 grocery items with UPC codes
  • 80,000 restaurant items
  • Kept Tracks of your daily, weekly, monthly meals, goals and more!
  • Stores up to six individual users

Our Smart Diet software is invaluable when you consider that dieters who track their food intake are twice as likely to achieve and maintain their weight loss goals. Over 70 million people use nutritional food apps, but without knowing the precise weight of the food being consumed, this information is less accurate. The Smart Diet Scale takes care of that problem. The groundbreaking Smart Diet Scale is simple, fast, and effective.

How it Works
SDS Software


Food Options


Grocery Items


Restaurants Items

Weight Loss or Maintenance

You can now measure the daily calorie intake of every single meal in order for you to achieve your goal of losing 2 to 4 pounds a week or maintaining your current healthy weight.

Diabetic Management

Diabetics can now measure the amount sugar and carbs in their meals. Similarly, they can use our database to research the best low glycemic foods.


Bodybuilders can use the Smart Diet Scale to build muscle and lose fat by measuring the amount of protein and calories in their meals.

Diet Scale

Patented revolutionary smart food scale. The power of being able to weigh four items at once, in one connected solution. 

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What people are saying

  • "I recently read about the Smart Scale in an article written on the BBC website over in the UK. I am Head of Performance Nutrition at the English Institute of Sport, and we provide nutrition support to the British Olympic team and some professional sports over in the UK. I would love to learn more about the capability of the scale and if it was something we could use with the athletes we work with. I look forward to hearing more about your product ”
  • "Wow, I literally squealed when I happened across your Smart Diet Scale online. GENIUS!! I weigh my food religiously and I have been looking for something like this for a very long time!”
  • "I was actually doing research on the best food scales out there on the market and i somehow came across this smart scale and was very intrigued by the design and the fact that it was Bluetooth..I'm an aspiring bodybuilder and wanted something that i could take on the go with me to shows and while traveling...but mostly that it tracks your daily meal numbers...i definitely will be getting this scale once it hits the market!”
  • "Hi! I found your website advertising the smart diet scale online. They look amazing and I really want one :)”