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Brilliant site, love the design and the information. This product the smart diet scale, what a brilliant idea, pure genius.

What I love is weigh different foods, save time and get the nutritional info very quickly, very useful for diabetics. and health conscious alike.

 Psychotherapist and bodybuilder Louise Rogers of Bournemouth has a wealth of competition successes under her belt - including 1st place at the South Coast Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation Qualifier, and UK BodyFitness Champion 2008.Louise began using her Smart Diet Scale in January, and now uses it daily to weigh out her carefully planned-out meals. Her scale has become an essential tool for competition diet preparation. Louise has been posting on Instagram here.

“It’s easy to use daily for each of my meals. I just keep it in the kitchen throughout the day,” she told us. “The biggest benefit is knowing the exact macros of my meals, meaning I don’t have to calculate it myself!”

Wow technology has come so far and I’m glad that we can now have these sort of revolutionary products to assist in helping to lose weight or to gain muscle. Although the smart diet scale is quite costly compared to other scales, you are getting what you pay for as is illustrated in your review. Great article

Muscle & Fitness magazine columnist Michelle Brannan comes from a background of Latin Dance. A fitness coach, Michelle is a British Bikini Champion and the founder of Showgirl Fitness. The Smart Diet Scale helps her track her meals in macros and calories - essential for keeping in competition-standard shape! Michelle has posted on Instagram here.

Michelle began using her Smart Diet Scale a couple of weeks ago, and likes that you can save dishes to the app. The scale has been popular with the girls that Michelle trains as part of Showgirl Fitness - so we’ll be interested to see how it helps them with staying trim and getting ready for competition


Wow this is a pretty high end scale! I stumbled on to your website from another review, but I’m in the market for a scale and thought I’d check out your smart diet scale review.

I really like that it syncs with an app and it looks like the app is awesome too!

I see that the scale is around $135. Does the app cost anything to use? I’ve seen some similar apps that have a free version that’s limit.


Sheffield student Keeley Hayler is currently studying for her Masters in Forensic Science, and has been using the Weightwatchers Propoints plan since 2014. She is also keen on ‘clean eating’ though - and her Smart Diet Scale has been helping her with that since February. Keeley has been posting on Instagram here.

Keeley told us: “The Smart Diet Scale has allowed me to save time by weighing out separate foods at the same time, and log them onto the app. It's convenient to use and is a great size for my kitchen. The coloured plates make it easy to separate out and weigh different food groups.”

Keeley now uses her scale for every single meal - and her favourite feature is “the easiness of weighing out your entire meal in one, not having to weigh one thing at a time and keep resetting it.

I’m so happy that you exposed me to the smart diet scale because that thing is absolutely awesome. What a great idea!

I love how it links right up to your phone for your to document what you eat. This makes weight loss a whole lot easier.

Keep up the great suggestions!!


This is a great product that I have not previously thought about. I did not even realize smart scales were this common.

I think measuring food intake be weight is much more accurate than volume (or just eyeballing it like most of us). I may have to consider in investing in this!

Thanks for posting! Your visuals are great. I love that the bowls are microwave and dishwasher safe.


Very impressed by the website by the m=way, it looks very professional and trustworthy; anything you recommend should be taken serious. I like the far technology has taken us and these product Smart Diet Scale app is a proof. Thanks for the information i would want to recommend this article to a friend, He really needs this app.


Plain, clear and simple as it gets! I love this web pages about fitness and health! My passion and just the fact to see that scale that associates everything a healthy dude should consider is awesome!
I love your website! Is very professional!
Brothers X&C, u are the living proof that when something is done with passion, there is no way to go wrong!


This scale is so dope! i weigh my food all the time and i’ve never seen anything like this before. This is a good product review, but I am wondering if you have ever used this or have one yourself? I didn’t see you mention it anywhere so that’s why I ask. If you have, does it work well, does it do what it’s supposed to do? I currently use a walmart scale that costs ten bucks and sometimes its anoying when I have a bunch of food to weigh. this would be way easier.


Really good website I enjoyed reading especially the diet scale. Really helpful to those health conscious people. I am convinced that eating a healthy diet and proper management will help people with diabetes and I will purchase the scale probably as my parent is suffering from diabetes. Thanks for your very informative article.



I’ve had a little look around this site and I really like the clear cut design, easy to read with not too many flashy ads.
As for the scales, these are absolutely amazing and I must have them. Even if you’re not on a diet or a strict eating plan, it’s interesting to know how much you’re consuming and often surprising how much something weighs. It’s always more than you think.
Portion control is easy too as you can see the meal you’re about to cook and less likely to throw food away, something I can’t abide, wasting food. Good post and nice site! Ches




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