I am really Impress about the scale. Its solid. Four scales in one. I have not seen a better scale than this. Well constructed. It like it would last forever.Its really nice to be able to weight what your going to eat and keep track of each one or all items. The data base allow you to go back and look at each day. Nick has help to understand a few things I wasn't aware of. If you want to lose weight this is the machine to have. Tells you everything you need to know. Richard Ohio
January 1, 2018
This scale and the app is remarkable to keep you on track with your weight loss journey. I,had a problem with thinking it was turning off. I,called the contact number, and a lovely man explained that the lights go out to save the batteries.He was the person who developed the scale.He was lovely and answered all my questions. HSN Please keep this item in stock. Thank you.
ms_prissy, NH
August 14, 2017
Love this scale
You all have to buy this scale I talked to Nick the guy who invented this scale. He help me through it. How to operate it. He took time out for me to understand it. Now I know I can loose weight. I appreciate the help he gave me. This scale is my life saver to loose weight. Thanks Nick for the help.
Dotlab, ME
August 9, 2017
YouTube video how-tos make learning how to use this scale easy! Lack of paper documentation is confusing at first, but when you call the phone number on the website you get prompt patient personal attention! THIS SCALE IS THE BEST!!!!! If you use a scale for nutrition or weight control, you'll never go back! It has a FREE APP that calculates EVERYTHING for you, and then remembers it with a time and date stamp on a timeline, so you can return to it.
jgirlt2, CA
July 6, 2017
This is a great product that will clearly help me loose the weight ...
This is a great product that will clearly help me loose the weight I need to lose and keep me honest in the process. Nick was great when I called with an issue getting the scale to connect with my I Phone. He knew exactly what to do and was very patient and supportive.
You can't go wrong with this item.
Amazon Customer
May 18, 2017
SOURCE: Amazon
Very pleased, and satisfied

I purchased the Smart Diet Scale in January 2017.I was having problems tracking my meals, So I returned the scale. On May 2, 2017 I heard Nick say, "contact me anytime for help". After hearing contact me anytime, I placed my second order for the Smart Diet Scale. I rec'd my scale and I immediately called Nick. By the end of the conversation I was in love with my scale. I will be buying one for my aunt. Thanks Nick.

May 10, 2017
Love my scale
Thanks Nick for the personalized help you gave me. I truly love my scale. I use this to manage my diabetis.will be great for all the foodies out there.Thanks Nick for the personalized help you gave me. I truly love my scale. I use this to manage my diabetis.will be great for all the foodies out there.
May 1, 2017
My helper in loosing weight

I love this product. I want to thank Nick because he's been patient and very helpful with me. I thank Nick for inventing this scale that help me with my diabetes diet and that help me to be healthy. Thanks for this scale.

April 19, 2017
An unparalleled value in seeing your patterns to support daily management of food choices, eating habits and behaviors
As a Diabetes Nurse Specialist and a person with type 2 diabetes, I love this scale. It's easy to learn, use and provides powerful dietary information for a small effort on my part. People with daily challenges of weight management, diabetes, heart disease and chronic conditions, especially those associated with each decade of aging, will benefit significantly. Take a few moments out of your day to exercise control over food choices, eating habits and behaviors by seeing the calories you're consuming over the day. The scale automatically tracks and gives you instant feedback in real-time. See your daily food choices, habits, and eating behavior patterns to guide one change at a time. Its the opportunity to form long-term habits that empower you to become or remain healthy in a way previously not available.
Gerene Schmidt
April 18, 2017
SOURCE: Amazon
A fabulous product!
This scale is exactly what I was looking for. The app works effectively for what my dietary needs are, tracking calories, carbs, proteins, etc. I'm amazed that it can calculate a whole meal. The best part is I can use my own plate to weigh my entire meal at once instead of the task of doing one item at a time like you do with other scales that are in the marketplace. I believe its a great value for all the cool functions it's capable of doing.
Amazon Customer
February 8, 2017
SOURCE: Amazon
Love it!
The guys at the firehouse love it. Thanks.
January 19, 2017
Quality product!
I am amazed how awesome this works!!
It is very efficient !!! This product is like no other scale I have ever used!
It is very easy to use and the results from use are above expectations ... truly!! I would highly recommend.
Amazon Customer
November 25, 2016
SOURCE: Amazon
Accurate Results, Easy to Use
I was really impressed with the design and functionality of this scale. I was able to easily weigh, input, and track my daily meals. At first i was skeptical about its accuracy calculating calories, however, after multiple uses with a variety of foods I was amazed at how well it works. The phone app has a great interface and is easy to use. Any food I can think of is on the list of items to choose - even obscure items like spinach pie. The bluetooth connection is a cool feature as well. Great buy.
October 12, 2016
SOURCE: Amazon
Very Easy To Link With Phone
This scale worked as advertised. Very easy to link with phone.
Amazon Customer
October 18, 2016
SOURCE: Amazon
Great piece of technology
App takes a little bit of time to get used to (i.e. 5-10 mins) but product wise, it is flawless. Bluetooth connectivity is instant with no issues. Bar code scanner works great on iphone. Manual entry is simple too. Library resource for nutritional info is really comprehensive - I haven't yet found a food that is not on the list. This scale helps us a lot with food management for our T1 Diabetic son. All in all a really well executed product.
Ian Payne
September 21, 2016
SOURCE: Amazon
Smart scale smart purchase
This scale is great! I love that I don't have to figure out all the nutritional value of my food and it does it for me. Keeps track of how many calories I have left to eat for my caloric daily intake goal. You can use the search option for the food item or the upc scanner which to me is a great feature. I've had no issues with it and find it easy to use. Even picks up the four seperate quadrants off your plate so no need to seperate food individually . 5 stars all the way.
Amber Haggard
July 27, 2016
SOURCE: Amazon
I paid what I thought was a fair price and I am pleased. It's awesome new technology was long awaited by ...
Had been tracking this new item 6 months before it hit the market.....they finally made production and it was for sale. I try to never purchase anything at the listed price so this was no exception....I paid what I thought was a fair price and I am pleased. It's awesome new technology was long awaited by those who want to track and measure food intake. You won't go wrong with buying this product!
J Terry
June 19, 2016
SOURCE: Amazon
Best food I ever used
Works as advertised. Very attractive, well-made, huge food database, easy app.
June 11, 2016
SOURCE: Sharper Image
Very good scale!!!!
Very useful.
June 6, 2016
SOURCE: Sharper Image
I would definitely recommend this product
I've lost 25 pounds in four months. Smart diet scale has taught me portion control which is changed my life. I had no clue how much food and calories I was really eating this product makes that job so much easier.
June 4, 2016
SOURCE: Sharper Image
Save time and get the nutritional info very quickly
I belong to weight watchers and I found smart diet scale extremely valuable. None of the other food scales even come close to what this smart food can do. The app is user-friendly and large food database. Attractively design and quality built I also use the clever portion control plates which comes with it it really helps teach me portion control.
May 7, 2016
SOURCE: Sharper Image
Finally something to help people with diabetes
This product is like having your own personal dietitian. At a fraction of the cost very well-built user-friendly highly recommend this product. It also was great to help build recipes. Love the four-quadrant system
May 4, 2016
SOURCE: Sharper Image
User friendly and super accurate
Works great by itself or in conjunction with the free app. Very handy device for dieters and others with food restrictions like diabetes.
April 21, 2016
SOURCE: Sharper Image
Ingenious product for people with diabetes and Weight
Gives you the ability to weight and track nutritional information of your entire meal all at once . All other food scale only weight one food at a time . This product is more true to the way people really eat and prepare meals. It saves a lot of time and effort
Plus it has over 550,000 food choices the app is really easy to use.
Teaches you portion control quickly and keeps you accountable.
Weight watcher
April 19, 2016
SOURCE: Sharper Image

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