2015 Opportunities

The opportunities awaiting Smart Diet Scale LLC in 2015 are a direct result of the progress that has defined the past year for this promising company. In January 2014, Smart Diet Scale was awarded its first patent from the Unite States Patent Office. In a successful attempt to add value, protection and superior market advantages to their product, the company secured a second patent in July.

Patents are not the only thing being secured by Smart Diet Scale LLC, who recently entered into partnership with one of the largest and most reputable scale manufacturers in the industry. Smart Diet Scale is making all the right connections to help boost awareness of their inventive new product, including their connection as an “Internet of Things” company. This is especially relevant considering that the “Internet of Things” has a projected estimated growth of approximately 50 billion products.

Nick Batsikouras, Smart Diet Scale CEO and inventor admits that recently, his company has been the recipient of increased attention from both large companies and the general public alike. Batsikouras is thankful for this upswing in interest, and looks forward to what the future holds: “We remain dedicated to delivering a quality smart food scale, one which the world has never seen before. Having (the two) patents to protect our products in this category places us in a commanding position for growth, profits and market share.”

The number of connected everyday products is projected to grow to $300 billion in revenue by 2020. Smart Diet Scale is ready to be a major player in this market. People with tablets and smart phones regularly use them in the kitchen. Smart Diet Scale is all about living a healthy lifestyle, understanding the dynamics of nutrition and a balanced diet, connecting people to their food, and making recipes come alive with information.